Customer service drives more business

Your Shiny New Product Feature Isn’t Going To Get You More Customers, But This Will…

After spending a lot of time with two very different B2B SaaS startups recently, after being right in the middle of the trenches as developers and marketing go head to head on what to do next, there is one thing I learned about what startups need to acquire their next customer.

It doesn’t come down to the next AMAZING feature. It’s not about having 100 features and your competition only have ten.

To be frank, features are like commodities. They’re plenty and everyones got them. Read More

biggest mistakes startups make

The Most Critical Mistake Startups Make That They Don’t Even Know They Are Making

Back in the day, I was lucky enough to work at an internet marketing agency for almost half a decade before I moved in-house.

In those five years I’ve been able to work with a lot of VC backed startups and help them grow from nothing to something. But let’s be honest, not every startup that I worked with made it so I’ve also seen my fair share of failures.

Although there are your typical reasons why a startup fails ranging from bad management decisions like scaling and expanding markets too fast to reckless spending where everyone in the office gets a $900 Airon chair. 

But there was one mistake I saw a lot of startups make that really led to their downfall. So what is it? Read More

startup lessons

5 Startup Lessons You Don't Want To Learn The Hard Way

Want to hear something depressing? Back in 2012, there were over 500,000 new businesses founded, but nearly 75% of those have failed or will fail in the future. Even fewer will go on to experience the level of success seen by startups like Facebook, Dropbox and AirBNB.

That’s a pretty sobering statistic, but it doesn’t have to be the story of your company. There are plenty of different ways you can improve your odds of success – many of which simply involve patience and foresight.

Here are five lesson you need to know to build a successful startup: Read More