How to Use Content to Educate Users and Increase Engagement

Note from the author:  This blog post was created based off specific work completed for a SaaS product. Although this is specific to SaaS the takeaways can be used for any business model. Enjoy!

As you probably already know, understanding your customer is by far the first and most important step when trying to increase engagement, reduce churn and increase lifetime value (CLTV). Why you ask? Well, if you don’t have a deep understanding of who your customer is then you can’t create content that is tailored specific to their lifestyles, the way they think, how they consume information or what they need.

Think about it this way. Let’s say your target market is someone in high school. You created a two-thousand word blog post using words like “essentially” and “modulation” and aimlessly posted your content to any and all social platforms. Trust me, I’ve seen this done before. Anyway, after all the time and resources you put into creating that content there’s a pretty big chance that you’ve missed out on any opportunity to engage with your potential customer. Read More

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97 A/B Tests You Can Run Right Now

In all of my digital marketing days, there inevitably comes a time when I hit that wall. I’ll start to feel like the numbers are leveling off, growth is slowing, or I’m just out of ideas for how to improve my overall strategy. My saving grace? A/B testing.

A/B testing is something that I am constantly using to get out of my “marketer’s block.” There’s really no limit to what you can’t problem solve, when you have the right hypothesis, the right test, and the willingness to execute it well.

In that regard, I tried to gather a mega-list of A/B tests that you can do at any level. Whether you’re just putting together a site, or you’re constantly in a twitter beef with conversion expert Peep Laja. Just remember: for a successful A/B test, you need time, patience, and constant attention to your numbers. Read More

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How To Create Engaging PowerPoint Presentations That Actually Convert Users

PowerPoint presentations can be a fantastic content marketing tool. Whether you’re using them in an actual presentation or embedding them into your online content, well-made slides present information visually and sequentially, a way that easily leads users to conversion.

But they can also be be a dangerous thing. So dangerous, in fact, that the U.S. Army all but coined the term “death by PowerPoint.” Read More

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7 Things You Can Do Everyday To Build Your Personal Brand

When you meet Scott Ginsberg, you know you’ve met Scott Ginsberg. He wears a nametag every day to make sure that’s the case.

And he turned that nametag schtick into a six-figure income, meaning it wasn’t schtick at all. It was branding.

Personal branding is you marketing yourself and your career. You package who you are, what you do, and your approach to life, and you present that as a unified front.

That’s your brand. You are the product that you are selling.

Lots of advice out there on building a personal brand, that’s for sure, but let’s take a new crack at it. Every pattern you establish becomes part of your brand, even the fact that you do things according to the day of the week.

So what can you do in a week? Read More