About me

Jason James Delodovici is a digital marketer and serial entrepreneur working out of the beautiful city of San Francisco. Now that I’ve gotten speaking in the third person out of the way let’s get real.

I lost my stage fright and gained my confidence at a young age – I love to sing and was granted the opportunity to star in four San Francisco Operas. Public speaking runs in my family; my poppy is one of the best schmoozers of all time.

I started working at fourteen years old hustling Ben and Jerry’s ice cream up and down the aisle at professional sporting events. Once a guy gave me a five dollar tip without even buying the ice cream – my pitch was that good!

After College (When Life Sucked but Actually Mattered)

The economy was in the shits and finding a career path that interested me was damn near impossible. “Inside sales” – a euphemism used for telemarketing – was the first job I landed. I HATE COLD CALLS! And that’s all I was doing.

Sitting in a cubicle rotting my guts out because I was forced to make cold calls for a company I could give two shits about.  This was not the life I wanted and I wasn’t going to let it happen.

How Fighting My Boss (Physically) Got Me A Job

I didn’t know what I wanted to do next with my life, but I knew I didn’t want to do anymore cold calling. So I started my job hunt, but not the usual way. I figured that I needed to expand my network in San Francisco so I joined a gym.

Working out with some smart, successful guys in downtown San Francisco would easily get me a job by osmosis. Well, it worked out a little differently. I joined a Muay Thai gym. The first day I kicked this guy’s ass (Hey Suj! :-p), and he liked me so much he offered me a job…OK it didn’t quite happen like that.

He gave me a working interview, and I killed it so he hired me. I literally “ninja-ed” my way into the company.

Paying Dues in The Trenches

I worked for a digital marketing company as an entry level SEO and link builder making my way to Senior SEO Analyst in just under two years.

That time taught me how to push tons of high converting traffic to websites in all verticals. I established a scalable link building process that the company still uses today.

I eventually moved on to client work and overall SEO strategy.

The Sky is The Limit

Now I’m working as a overall digital marketer and online publisher.  I was once told that agency experience trumps in-house experience and that couldn’t be anymore true. I work with a number of startups and help them create and implement high converting and revenue generating marketing plans.

One last thing…

I love training and advancing my mind, body and soul. I love motivating and inspiring the people around me….

Live life to the fullest, challenge the status quo, have fun, work hard, maximize experiences and minimize regrets.

Fight for life, Fight for love.

Jason James Delodovici, signing off.