8 Practical Steps for Writing Powerful Blog Posts in Under 1 Hour

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For me, writing good quality blog posts quickly has never been my cup of tea. Because even though I enjoy writing, expressing my thoughts clearly and figuring out how to put them across in a way that will captivate my readers, usually ends up taking a lot of my time.

Like most people, I have that spark of creative ingenuity flooding my thoughts which produces about half a page of brilliance before the dreaded “writers’ block” sets in. However, over the years I have gotten a lot better at writing top dollar content to the point where I can craft powerful blog posts in less than one hour.  I am not talking about the shitty spun 700 word SEO-content mess of an article, I mean good quality blog posts – the kind social media loves.

Seeing that a lot of people have this problem, I decided to write a post and share with you 8 practical steps that I use and which will help you produce killer content in less than one hour. Here they are:

1. Plan what you want to write about

Planning is the first and most critical step in successfully achieving anything – blogging is no exception. In order to write a good blog post/article, you must first know what you are going to write about. Once you have picked a topic, you will find it easier to carry out research and gather the points that will make the meat of your post.

The general rule of thumb is to list the key points you want to discuss in the introduction, body and conclusion sections of the post. Once you have done this, you can then break them down into subheadings. For example:

  • Heading
  • Introduction
  • Key point 1
  • Key point 2
  • Key point 3
  • Conclusion.

For this post, my outline was:

Heading: 8 Practical Steps for Writing Powerful Blog Posts in Under 1 Hour

Introduction: Discussed the difficulty in writing good quality articles and why I found it hard and time consuming.

Then my sub headings followed:

  • Planning my post
  • Craft a killer headline and good intro
  • Be original
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Start writing
  • Final touches
  • Post and share
  • Keep a list

2. Craft a killer headline and good intro

There is no doubt that the most important part of your blog post is your headline. Your headline is what will get people to click through and read your post. I did a post on creating killer blog headlines that explains everything you need to know about creating headlines that compel people to want to read what you have to say.  You can check it out here – how to write a killer headline.

Though a headline will get people to click through to read your post, what will keep them from leaving within 30 seconds of arriving on your blog is your content. Here is where a good intro comes into play. According to David Ogilvy author of copywriting book Ogilvy on Advertising, the purpose of your headline is to hook your readers and get them curious to know what you have to say.

The next question most bloggers have is whether the headline should be crafted before you start your post or after. For me, I find that when I write my headlines on the onset, I feel more motivated to write my post. It gets my creative juices flowing. That is not to say that writing headlines after you finish your post is a cardinal sin, it just works better for me when I do it at the beginning. My post on creating killer headlines should give you an idea on how to make this process easier for you.

3. Be original

Be original. There is nothing worse than a blogger who is trying to write like someone they are not.  If anything, this is one of the biggest reasons why most bloggers end up taking hours on end trying to write the perfect post.

Remember, your readers landed on your blog to hear what YOU have to say. They probably follow other top bloggers and trying to write like those bloggers will dent your one and only chance of truly making an impact on your visitors, so why not wow them with your unique blogging voice.

You will find that with time and practice your writing will start to improve and appeal to your readers thereby creating small pockets of your own fans.

4. Get rid of distractions

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of your post, it is important to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the distractions. Switch off your phone, close the multiple tabs you have open on your computer, get off Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and get yourself into a comfortable position to begin writing.

Timing really has nothing to do with it. Some prefer to work early in the morning, others during the day and others are night owls. Choosing the right time to write when you are sure to have no distractions is something that is entirely up to you.

Try using this Coffitivity to help you with creativity and productivity. They say playing the background noise of a coffee shop just a little lower than the music you are playing increases creativity and productivity. I use it and it’s been working for me. Give it a try.

5. Start writing

The next step is to start writing. Just write. Don’t worry about making any mistakes. Have you ever noticed that once you begin to do a task you thought was hard it suddenly becomes easier? I have found that the same is true with writing. It is easier to keep writing as long as you are not worried about your mistakes than when you are keen on producing killer content.

As long as you are working from an outline, you should not find it hard to express your thoughts clearly.

6. Final touches

When you get to this step, you should basically have the draft of your blog post ready. The next thing is to go through your post from start to finish correcting any mistakes. However, it is important to do this step at least 5 minutes after you have finished your draft. This way you are much more likely to catch the smallest of errors.

After going through your post to check for errors, you will want to add facts or remove points, improve the flow of your post to really get the quality you desire. It is also at this step where you can add images or videos to spruce up your post and make it really stand out.

7. Post and share

Your post is now ready to go live! The final step is to publish your post and share it. Facebook and Twitter offer the best avenues for you to share your content and get the word out on your latest creation quickly.

This process is not time consuming and should take you 3 minutes at most.

8. Keep a list

I consider this a bonus step to the entire process; however, its impact should not be under-estimated. It is important to create a list of other successful bloggers in your niche and stay up to date on what they write about. Also, when browsing blogs take a look at the number of likes, tweets and shares each post get – this way you’ll know which bloggers actually have influence in your industry.

This should give you a keen idea on the kind of content that is bound to draw a lot of interest from readers (you can find more ways to create better content here). Take those ideas and list them in a notebook or on a spreadsheet for future blog posts of your own. Only use these as ideas, do not plagiarize any of the work you come across.

There you have it – the 8 steps to writing powerful content in less than  one hour.

Hopefully these steps should help make the process of writing good blog posts very easy for you – in a small amount of time. If this process ends up taking up more than an hour on your first go, do not despair. Remember the more you do it, the better you will become. Keep the faith and never give up!

PS. I would be glad to know of any other tips you might have on speeding up the blog writing process. Why not share with me any other ideas you might have on how to write good blog posts really fast. I am looking forward to your comments.

Here’s to your success!

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6 thoughts on “8 Practical Steps for Writing Powerful Blog Posts in Under 1 Hour

  1. Great post J,

    I like your comment about how you should wait at least 5 minutes before reviewing. Sometimes right after you have finished writing you will just read right over your mistakes and correct them in your hear if you haven't had time to forget a little bit of what you just put down.

    I also find that I catch many more mistakes when I read over my draft out loud.

    Thanks dude, keep these great posts comin'!


    1. Cam,

      I just started waiting 5 minutes or so before reviewing my writing and its really been working well for me.

  2. Getting rid of distractions is key for me. I've not heard of coffitivity but will give it a go. When it comes to actual writing, I find that using a distraction free app that let's you focus on content rather than formatting is a huge help. For me iA Writer ( http://www.iawriter.com ) is perfect. I can write much more fluidly on this than on MS Word, or god forbid, Apple Pages.

    1. David,

      Coffivity is awesome. Definitely give it a try. I’ll have to look into iA Writer it seems interesting.

  3. Hey Jason,

    Its a really great post…

    I was maki9ng a verry silly mistake that I was writing the random thoughts in my mind and then trying to find a proper title for the post…It was effectve as my posts were good and very original but then bringing it under one title …Nightmare…

    I have to give 5-6 hours of repetitive editing and that sucked.. To the core…
    I was writing a 1000 + post …then giving a title and then rewriting it as a whole took another 1000 words…

    I realised writing a post under a specific title is better as efforts are not wasted…

    I loved this post…


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