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9 Upselling & Cross Selling Techniques Anyone Can Use To Boost Revenue

I recently just bought a new car from the Chevy dealer and if you’ve ever bought a car from a dealership, you’ve sat down with their finance guy and ran through the numbers. What you may or may not have known was all those little add-ons (gap insurance, extended warranties, clear coat rock guards) are all upsells.

Here are some of the most common ways businesses try to extract more money out of customers: Read More

direct response copywriting

8 Direct Response Copywriting Examples That Immediately Converted Customers

Copywriting for customers takes two approaches: direct or indirect.

With TV shows like “Mad Men” and experience with television and magazine ads that attempt to be clever (and border on vague and confusing as to what is even for sale), most of us are familiar with the indirect response approach. This is the copywriting technique where you build your brand and product familiarity and hope that customers remember your product when in a store or when faced with an opportunity to purchase.

Direct response copywriting is different. Read More

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How To Create Engaging PowerPoint Presentations That Actually Convert Users

PowerPoint presentations can be a fantastic content marketing tool. Whether you’re using them in an actual presentation or embedding them into your online content, well-made slides present information visually and sequentially, a way that easily leads users to conversion.

But they can also be be a dangerous thing. So dangerous, in fact, that the U.S. Army all but coined the term “death by PowerPoint.” Read More